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BlueSpice 2.22.0/Release Notes

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BlueSpice for MediaWiki
Copyright 2013 by Hallo Welt! - Medienwerkstatt GmbH

BlueSpice release notes

BlueSpice for MediaWiki 2.22

Date: 2013-11-27 This is a major release.

New Features

  • Avatars: Show autogenerated images for users.
  • Checklist: Provides Checklist functionality
  • Dashboard: A lot of relevant information at a glance
  • Flexiskin: Skin your wiki
  • Notification: Improved messaging
  • Readers: See all readers of a page
  • Skin: Completely reworked skin

Major improvements

  • ExtendedSearch: now finds special pages in autocomplete
  • InsertCategory: autocomplete / add new categories
  • InsertImage: add category on upload
  • InsertImage: new interface layout
  • Permissionmanager: completely reworked interface
  • Permissionmanager: rights per wiki and rights per namespaces are now separated
  • Permissionmanager: lock mode removes all inherited rights from groups
  • Review: improved commenting and discard handling
  • Smartlist: show new users with "newbies"
  • Smartlist: show new articles with "new" attribute
  • Skin: supports all MediaWiki hooks
  • Statebar: updates data via AJAX
  • Statistics: based on ExtJS 4 graphs
  • Usermanager: filters for user and display name
  • VisualEditor: new version of TinyMCE with major improvements

Architectural changes

  • Removed abstraction layer between BlueSpice and MediaWiki
  • Removed BlueSpice Database abstraction. Now only using MediaWiki's DBAL
  • All dialogues are now based on ExtJS 4
  • Dropped Oracle and Postgres support in free version
  • Namespaces are now in own range from 1500 and 3000 for custom namespaces

Changes since 2.22 beta

  • Architecture: Added position bottom for more modules
  • Architecture: Honour $wgReadOnly
  • Arcitecture: Added position bottom for script module
  • Authors: Don't link to deleted users' user pages.
  • Authors: Removed MoreImage setting
  • Authors: Show "anon" image for deleted users.
  • Authors: fixed noauthors magic word
  • Avatars: Beautification: Only upload section is uncollapsed.
  • Avatars: Changed default avatar size to 40 px.
  • Avatars: IP users have there own user image now - public wikis
  • Avatars: images can now be JPG, GIF and PNG.
  • Blog: Removed ShowTagFormWhenNotLoggedIn and MoreAteEndOfEntry setting
  • BlueSpiceProjectFeedbackHelper: Added social media channels to Feedback helper
  • BlueSpiceProjectFeedbackHelper: Feedback url points into sf
  • Checklist: Added Checklist to context menu
  • Checklist: Checklist button now remembers last command
  • Dashboard: Added responsible editors portlet
  • Dashboard: Renamed german Cockpit to Dashboard
  • Dashboard: SearchTerm portlet query had wrong timestamp field in query
  • Emoticons: Removed PathToEmoticons setting
  • ExtendedEditButtons: Rearranged buttons
  • ExtendedSearch: Added message if no similar articles are found
  • ExtendedSearch: Added pref for solr core instance
  • ExtendedSearch: All text fieldtypes had the wrong tokenizer. Standardtokenizer removed some extraneous characters from tokens. It is recommended to use whitespacetokenizer
  • ExtendedSearch: Fixed some strange search query bugs. You could not search inside user ns because of some reason negativ ns where in.
  • ExtendedSearch: Made customerid absolutely unique
  • ExtendedSearch: Mlt namespaces can be configured via preferences
  • ExtendedSearch: Removed option to show percentage in ExtendedSearch ... just confuses users
  • ExtendedSearch: Updating solr to version 4.5
  • ExtendedSearch: fixed bugh when search from body is triggered all created ns where not searched in
  • ExtensionInfo: Added Credits
  • ExtensionInfo: now with packagename. added default values for extinfo
  • Flexiskin: introduced custom color
  • Flexiskin: removed Complete color
  • Flexiskin: uses md5 hashes as folder names
  • Foundation: IP users have there own user image now - public wikis
  • Foundation: added HOOK 'BsFoundationBeforeMakeGlobalVariablesScript' and its description
  • Foundation: Whitelist all URLs for RSS
  • Foundation: Make namespace registration mb safe
  • Foundation: Links now render class attribute
  • Foundation: Added ids to all bs confirm, alert and prompt dialoges
  • Foundation: added default values (e.g. packages, version, status) for extensioninfo)
  • Foundation: Upload button can now be rendered inline.
  • Foundation: Added docs/design.txt
  • Foundation: Added ExtJS 3 CSS RESET reset to avoid breaking foreign skins
  • Foundation: Added portlets to User DashboardPanel
  • Foundation: multiselect dialogs
  • Foundation: Added uploadAndConvertImage() for avatar uploads.
  • Foundation: added permissions to $wgAvailableRights on registration
  • Foundation: Removed use of $wgArticle because it is removed in MW 1.23 see this https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/93106/
  • Foundation: Refactored Validator - remove autoloader and ip validation check (unused and just IPv4 ... use MWs ip check instead)
  • GroupManager: Deleting groups now also triggers PermissionManager
  • GroupManager: reenabled paging
  • InsertCategory: Category escaping with : now works
  • InsertCategory: Changed default of WithParents to false and scope to public
  • InsertCategory: now inserts localized namespace name
  • InsertImage: Added category support in upload panel
  • InsertImage: Added context menu for insert image
  • InsertImage: Changed default sorting to last modified
  • InsertImage: Fixed 'licences can not be selected' error
  • InsertImage: Fixed 'url in wikilink' error
  • InsertImage: Fixed selection issue If no dimensions are in wikitext the source dimensions will be fetched from server Fixed w/h calculation
  • InsertLink: Context menu unlink now only enabled when there is a link
  • InsertLink: File links now work again
  • InsertLink: Hide remove link in context menu when not on a link
  • InsertLink: Now excapes category links with : in order not to assign a category
  • InsertMagic: Fixed I18N and some icons Added __NOEDITOR__ switch to InsertMagic
  • InsertMagic: Improved i18n. Thanks Nathalie
  • InsertMagic: Magic words are now sorted by name
  • NamespaceManager: Fixed possible sql injection in NamespaceManager and NamespaceNuker.
  • NamespaceManager: sorting the columns is working again
  • NamespaceManager: the action column now cannot be hidden anymore and is also not shown in the hide menu
  • Notifications: changed color of icons; set wgDefaultUserOptions for notifications
  • PageTemplates: Removed HideLinesAfterEmptyPage setting
  • PermissionManager: description and translation of the permissions are now shown as a tooltip if one hovers the permission in the first column
  • PermissionManager: grid is now stateful and remembers activated columns in the grid
  • PermissionManager: group names are translated now - all tables have now the same width
  • PermissionManager: the groups in the second table are now sorted in the following order: *, user, sysop and then the rest in alphabetical order
  • PermissionManager: the second table indicates the available rights per group and namespace by a green color now, too
  • RSSFeeder: Removed RSSWhitelist
  • Readers: Enabled reader tracking by default
  • Readers: Fixed display of timestamp on Readers specialpage
  • Review: SpecialReview: user filter works now
  • Review: added comment appending for review vote
  • Review: added permission workflowview to user group by default
  • Review: comment feature
  • Review: filter by real_name is now possible
  • Review: fixed sorting in review step dialog
  • Review: re-added accept/decline text to icons in statebar
  • Review: removed show assessor settings
  • Review: user in AssignmentPanel are sorted
  • SecureFileStore: Changed FileExtensionWhitelist to empty
  • SecureFileStore: If file is not in MW's repo try to guess MIME type instead of giving up and sending "unknown/unknown".
  • SecureFileStore: fixed authorization denied: used SecureFileStore::secureStuff when SecureFileStore is enabled
  • Shoutbox: Changed permission system: users can now always delete their own posts, people with archiveshoutbox can always delete all shouts
  • Shoutbox: added message when shouting too often
  • Skin: Added many new stylings, fonts ... Fixed and improved styling
  • Skin: fixed bug where CSS file was included twice
  • Skin: Added new default bluespice profile images
  • Skin: Navigation icons now have tooltips
  • Skin: added plural message key for echo
  • Skin: added dependency for ext.echo.overlay
  • Skin: watch/unwatch star now colored
  • Skin: authors now tabbed
  • SmartList: Added Week option
  • SmartList: Added portlets to User DashboardPanel
  • SmartList: Fixed and improved toplist query a lot
  • SmartList: changed tag argument new default to false
  • Statebar: styling for multiline
  • Statistics: added grid for list view
  • Statistics: disabled export for list view
  • Statistics: fixed period of time config
  • Statistics: set week as default grain
  • TopBarMenuCustomizer: fixed number of (sub-) entries config
  • UserManager: changed userManager filter from start with to contains
  • VisualEditor: Added Headings button
  • VisualEditor: Added context menu support and context menu for InsertLink
  • VisualEditor: Added table properties to context menu
  • VisualEditor: Adjustments for undo/redo
  • VisualEditor: Context menu: table actions are only shown when a table is selected
  • VisualEditor: Fixed toolbar position in preview mode
  • VisualEditor: Fullscreen now has scrollbars again
  • VisualEditor: Improved newline feature
  • VisualEditor: Introduced own save button instead of plugin
  • VisualEditor: It's now possible to move links via drag and drop. Also fixed an insert issue with IE, where everything would be inserted at the very beginning of a text
  • VisualEditor: Rearranged buttons: table is now last. Table buttons only show up when a table is selected
  • VisualEditor: Removed Reduced editor gui settings as this is not used anymore
  • VisualEditor: Upgraded Tiny to 4.0.11 in order to regain IE9 compatibility
  • VisualEditor: adapted format dropdown, has now headings and table classes
  • VisualEditor: changed buttons
  • VisualEditor: disabled buttons in pre sections
  • WhoIsOnline: removed LinkUsers setting
  • WidgetBar: Removed DataSourceTitle setting

The Team


  • Markus Glaser
  • Radovan Kubani
  • Sebastian Ulbricht
  • Marc Reymann
  • Mathias Scheer
  • Thomas Lorenz
  • Tobias Weichart
  • Robert Vogel
  • Erwin Forster
  • Karl Waldmannstetter
  • Daniel Lynge
  • Tobias Davids
  • Stefan Widmann
  • Patric Wirth
  • Stephan Muggli

Design & Testing

  • Anja Ebersbach
  • Richard Heigl
  • Nathalie Köpff
  • Michael Rödl
  • Michael Scherm
  • Dardan Diugan
  • Christina Glaser
  • Christian Graf
  • Angelika Müller
  • Jan Göttlich
  • Karl Skodnik


  • Bartosz Dziewoski
  • Chad Horohoe

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We would like to thank all the people around MediaWiki. You've created a wonderful piece of software. Thanks a lot!